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How do you Convince, Convert & Communicate with your Customers?

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When it comes to designing your website, we can assist you with hosting, WordPress, plugins, templates and the general design of your website. But no matter how beautiful your website is, when nobody can find you, nothing will happen. So search engine optimization (SEO) and building backlinks are crucial to be found in Google. We have the network and are specialized in giving your website ranking a boost to be found in Google in the short term. We will also help you by making a long term strategy to stay ranked in the top positions.


Converting a visitor into a customer depends on your business. Whether you want to keep them on your website longer, convince them to visit your product pages or have them sign up for your newsletter. Content and onpage SEO is crucial when it comes to keep your visitors engaged. We have the experience and the tools to help you make the best of your conversion strategy.


Building a relationship with your customers gives you the edge on your competitors, that has not changed with the internet. The internet does open up different opportunities to keep in contact with your customers. Online communication with your customers online is crucial via social media, building social trust with reviews and comments and have customers talk about your business online. We know the tricks of the trade when it comes to online presence in social media.


It doesn’t stop there, you do need a strategy going forward. Do you need to advertise? What are your competitors doing? How do you get others mention your website and products? How can you keep creating content and what content do you need to create? And what about managing your online identity? Measuring what happens within Google? And then there is managing your website itself? All these details that potentially can keep you away from your actual business, while these details ARE our business.

What our customers say

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“Rob is one in a million! Incredible service, fantastic advice and a very helpful man. Definitely would use his services over and over again. Thanks for all your help and assistance it is greatly appreciated.”

Julian Wright |

Great service at lightening speed! Would recommend to anyone who needs quick reliable service.

Melanie | MC Writer

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